Brighouse Jigsaw Festival

Socially distanced jigsaw makers create virtual Charity Jigsaw Festival

As with many charity events, the Brighouse Charity Jigsaw Festival held annually at St Martin’s Church has been cancelled this year due to the pandemic.  HOWEVER!  Rather than allow over 1,000 jigsaws assembled by volunteers from the local community gather dust, the organisers have converted the  event into  what is arguably the very first Jigsaw Festival Online Shop!

Raised over £86,500 since 2012

Since its inception in 2012 the Charity Jigsaw Festival has attracted over 5,000 visitors, sold over 5,000 jigsaws, engaged over 100 people from church and community each year and, most importantly, raised over £86,500 to support Together for Looked-After Children, Yorkshire Children’s Trust, Turning Point Counselling Service and St. Martin’s mission to children in the community Your publicity would help in making a significant and ongoing contribution to the work of the Festival’s  chosen charities and would be very much appreciated.

Gibson Games sponsor Brighouse Jigsaw Festival

Gibsons Games are, once again,  sponsoring  the festival but in it’s new online format. Customers will find a  fantastic selection of jigsaws without the need to queue, socially distance or wear a face covering. There are puzzles for all tastes – children’s puzzles, traditional country scenes, double-sided, panoramic, crossword, impossipuzzles, wasgij, unique and unusual pieces, mirror image and more, and select by piece count, theme, or manufacturer.

All the jigsaws intended for Charity Jigsaw Festival 2020 and many more are available on a click and deliver basis. Delivery to selected Postcodes in West Yorkshire is by our own Courier service, to the rest of the UK by Royal Mail and to selected countries in Europe by International Courier.